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Enrolled: 18 students
Lectures: 16
Level: Intermediate



The Strategic Human Resource Management (HRM) course provides a comprehensive framework for aligning HR practices with organizational objectives. It begins by emphasizing the importance of developing a strategic focus for talent management, stressing the need to synchronize HR strategies with broader business goals. Before diving into the course content, learners are briefed on essential prerequisites, ensuring a foundational understanding of strategic HR principles. This sets the stage for a deeper exploration of strategic human resources, which encompasses leveraging HR activities to support the organization’s mission and vision.

Throughout the course, various key components of strategic HR management are examined in detail. These include strategic HR planning, which involves forecasting HR needs and devising strategies to meet organizational objectives effectively. Job analysis, descriptions, and interview techniques are discussed to ensure accurate recruitment and selection processes that align with organizational requirements. Recruiting strategies are explored to attract top talent, while onboarding practices are emphasized to facilitate seamless integration of new hires into the organizational culture.

The course delves into performance management systems, emphasizing the importance of evaluating and improving employee performance to drive organizational success. Additionally, it covers training needs assessment and evaluation to enhance employee skills and competencies in alignment with strategic goals. Concepts such as employee engagement, strategic compensation, and fostering a conducive organizational culture are also addressed to promote employee satisfaction, retention, and overall organizational performance. The course concludes by offering guidance on applying learned principles to real-world HR scenarios, empowering participants to implement strategic HR practices effectively in their respective organizations.

Human Resource Management HRM
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